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The Hummers Arrive!

Updated: May 3, 2022

There is a touch of the divine in every hummingbird. How else to explain the enormous strength, resilience and ferociousness in every delicate one of them. Wars are launched-- and either won or lost --by much larger (and far less divine) beings than a hummingbird. Hummers don't hesitate and fret about how they measure up or compare--they are all in. Game on and let life roll!

My (how easily I claim this) hummers arrived today! The joy I feel when I see them on the feeder, each bending over like issuing a immense. I throw up my arms and dance around. Another winter over! The belief in spring and continuity and meaningful ritual is validated once again.

I am devoted to them. I change their food religiously every three days--a sheet of paper to mark when it is done lest I space it out. I held a hummer in my hand once ...after it hit my window. Such small heartbeats ..but the life force is strong. How else explain the enormous travels they complete each season. The hummer ultimately flew away ..recovered.

Once while walking I saw two hummers on a branch of my apple tree. One on top of the other. I am almost shy about this--I think they were making love. That was the same year we saw baby hummers on the feeder. It felt like I was bearing witness to a rare event. An event that held more importance than many, many, human endeavors.

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