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The fawns have arrived. For me...this is both a very lovely time of year, and a very poignant time. Fortunately, I have a pillow to put over my head.

Yesterday Joe and I looked out the door on the east side. Boom! We knew it! That doe that has been lingering long in the had a very happy little sprout shaking its very small tail--while it was teetering on long legs. It nursed. It wagged its very, very small white tail. The doe stood still...longer than I would have thought possible. Then she delicately raised a rear leg and stepped over her new born fawn. It was born on the neighbor's field. Just the other day the neighbor mowed a path through the field--ostensibly to walk or jog through--and that is where the fawn was born.

As we watched mom and babe, a thing I've never witnessed before happened. Another doe arrived. It paused and looked left. She looked at the other doe and the fawn. Time stood still. Then ..up walked another fawn, her fawn, a little older by maybe a week. All eyes met. How does one describe that moment? Maybe it is like humans, wandering down a sidewalk, in their own world (or today ..ON THEIR PHONE) and suddenly eyes meet.... it's all okay. Wow! It was a total howdy and on everyone went.

Why the pillow over the head...because at night the world changes. Coyotes howl. Bears prowl. Prayers up for the fawns. I have been awakened by their screams and witnessed a bear with one in its jaws. I know...mother nature. I get it.

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