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Dinner Guests

Last night we had a friend over for drinks & good munchies. We sat on the east porch. I changed the hummer food earlier in the evening--thinking they would be the entertainment.

Wine was poured, food was served on the picnic table---and we gave our friend the best seat--with the long view of the mountains & eventual starry sky.

As I sat down, I saw the bird on the ground. A moment of deep sadness for me. Near the window, a young catbird was upright, but eyes closed, beak open, dazed. I tried to concentrate on conversation, but my heart was tied to the bird. We decided to leave it be, as often a bird will recover after hitting the window. It sat. And sat. And sat. Eyes flickered open, its beak opened and shut, but nothing else. An hour went by. Finally I excused myself and went inside for gloves. I gently picked it up, eyes opened, and I moved it farther away--wanting to remind the bird that it was indeed still alive. But it sat, and sat, and sat at the new location.

Another 1/2 hour went by. Then--I heard a catbird in a tree. Loud. Louder cries. The smaller bird perked up, it moved and jumped up on the stone wall. Wings worked! The other catbird continued to shout. Just as dusk was turning into jumped off the wall and flew away. This moment meant more to me than all the dinner conversations I've ever had.

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