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“My paintings, drawings and monoprints have long been both abstract and based in nature. They begin with observation. I find my shapes, colors, spaces, textures, and line in the trees, plants, fields, mountains and skies that surround my studio in New York’s Catskills. I am attracted to the mists rising over the fields in the morning, and the changing light of dusk and twilight. My paintings echo the horizontal lines in the landscape as fields reach the mountains. My work often explores the element of line. The line starts as part of the underpainting and eventually zips through the layers to the surface. I like to explore contrast: light/dark, warm/cool, surface/depth, and empty/full. My work is process oriented; I find my image during the process of making it. All of the changes, additions, and subtractions become part of the finished work. I enjoy the mystery of abstraction, the unknown eventually evolving in to the known.”

I work in encaustic, acrylic, oil, egg tempera, gouache, ink, collage and monoprint.

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